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What is the ICE?

ICE stands for InterCity Express, Deutsche Bahn's (German Railways) high-speed train, running at up to 175mph (ICE1 & ICE2) or 186mph (ICE3) on special high speed lines and up to 130 mph over upgraded conventional lines.  The ICE is arguably the most comfortable, civilised and impressive high-speed train in Europe, with a very high-spec interior.  There are several versions, namely ICE1, ICE2, the pointy-ended ICE3 and a tilting diesel version, the ICE-TD.

ICE 1 & ICE 2...

ICE 1 & ICE 2 trains operate on routes all over Germany including Cologne-Hanover-Berlin and from Germany to Vienna and to Basel, Zurich, Bern & Interlaken in Switzerland.  The newer ICE 3 trains operate Paris-Frankfurt, Brussels-Cologne-Frankfurt, Amsterdam-Cologne-Frankfurt & Cologne-Munich.  The similar but diesel-powered ICE-TD trains operate on routes including from Hamburg to Copenhagen.

ICE second class ICE first class High-speed ICE train from Cologne to Berlin

ICE1/2, 2nd class

ICE1/2, 1st class

A Cologne-Berlin ICE2 at Berlin.

Boarding an ICE2 in Berlin Hauptbahnhof   ICE train restaurant car (ICE1/2)   ICE bistro area (ICE1/2)

Boarding an ICE 2 in Berlin...


ICE 1/2 restaurant car...


ICE 1/2 bistro-bar.  Sample menu.


Tips for travelling by ICE train...

ICE 3...

Routes operated include Brussels-Cologne-Frankfurt, Paris-Frankfurt, Amsterdam-Cologne-Frankfurt, Cologne-Munich at up to 186mph (in fact, up to 198mph on high-speed lines in France).

High-speed ICE train from Paris to Frankfurt ICE first class ICE second class

An ICE 3 to Frankfurt awaits departure from Paris Gare de l'Est...

ICE3 1st class, with real leather reclining seats. 

ICE3 2nd class.

Table for 2 in the bistro of an ICE 3 train   Meal in the bistro of an ICE3   ICE 3 bistro car
Table for two... in the 12-seat restaurant area.  There are also two tables for 4.   Meals are served on proper crockery with metal cutlery...   Bistro car.  Meals & drinks are served at your seat in 1st class. See sample menu.


This is the diesel version of the ICE, found on routes such as Hamburg-Copenhagen.  Inside it's similar to ICE3, though the bistro car has no seating area.

ICE-TD train on board the train ferry to Denmark   Viewing lounge on an ICE 3 train   First class service on an ICE train

Above:  A Copenhagen-Hamburg ICE-TD on board the train ferry from Rodby to Puttgarten.  You must leave the train whilst the ferry is at sea....


Above:  ICE3 & ICE-TD have seats in a viewing lounge at each end of the train, one end 1st class, the other 2nd class.


ICE is one of the most civilised trains in Europe...

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Sample ICE bistro menu...

This is an ICE3 bistro menu, a more extensive menu may be offered on ICE1/2 trains with a full restaurant.  2013 prices.

ICE train bistro menu

ICE train bistro menu

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