Route map:  London to Zagreb, Bled, Split, Rijeka by train

The rail way to Croatia!  London to Zagreb in 24 hours...

UK to Croatia by train in 24 hours...

Take a mid-afternoon Eurostar to Paris, the excellent City Night Line sleeper train to Munich, and an air-conditioned EuroCity train from Munich to Zagreb through great scenery.  Or a mid-morning Eurostar to Paris, a 200 mph double-deck TGV Duplex to Munich, and the overnight sleeper to Zagreb.  It's safe, civilised, comfortable & affordable and unlike a flight, a truly memorable travel experience.  This page tells you how...

Train times, fares & tickets

On this page you'll find a beginner's guide to arranging train travel to Croatia, with train times, fares & how to buy tickets:

  London to Zagreb

  London to Rijeka

  London to Istria:  Porec, Rovinj, Pula

  London to Split & Zadar

  London to Korcula, Hvar, Vis, Brac by train+ferry


Magnolia blossom in Zagreb

Magnolia blossom in Zagreb.  Croatia is fabulous to visit, from the Adriatic islands to the gracious city of Zagreb to the wineries & olive groves of Istria.  No flights required!

  London to Dubrovnik by train+bus or train+ferry

  Visiting the city of Zagreb

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  Hotels in Zagreb, Split & Croatia

  Holidays to Slovenia & Croatia by train not plane

  Trains from Croatia to other European cities

  Trains to Croatia from other European cities

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Useful country information

Train operators:

HZ (Hrvatske Zeljeznice) ww.hzpp.hrEurostar times & fares   All-Europe train times



Beginner's guide to European railpasses    Buy a rail pass online

Time zone:

GMT+1 (GMT+2 from last Sunday in March to last Saturday in October).

Dialling code:



£1 = approx 8.5 Kuna  Check current exchange rates

Tourist information:

Croatia: &    Recommended guidebooks


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UK citizens do not need a visa to visit Croatia or Slovenia. 

Check travel advice at before going to Bosnia.

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7 October 2014.  Train times valid 15 June to 13 December 2014.

London to Zagreb

Which route to choose?

Croatia's capital city, Zagreb, is a wonderful city to visit, and it's the hub for trains to Split for onward ferries to Adriatic islands such as Hvar or buses to Dubrovnik.  It's straightforward, safe & comfortable to reach Zagreb by train from the UK.  I show three good options, all of them with a similar range of prices:

Option 1:  Afternoon Eurostar to Paris, sleeper to Munich, EuroCity train to Zagreb...

This is arguably the easiest to travel from the UK to Croatia by train, with the best scenery.

London ► Zagreb

Zagreb ► London

How much does it cost?

 1. London to Paris

 by Eurostar

 From £39 one-way, £69 return 2nd class.

 From £107 one-way, £189 return 1st class.  Child, youth, senior fares 


 2. Paris to Munich

 by sleeper train, per person

In a


In a couchette

Economy sleeper

Deluxe sleeper








 Savings fare one-way from:

€43 (£36)

€59 (£49)

€69 (£58)

€84 (£70)

€104 (£87)

€144 (£120)

€134 (£112)

€174 (£145)

 Savings fare return from:

€86 (£72)

€118 (£98)

€138 (£116)

€168 (£140)

€208 (£174)

€288 (£240)

€268 (£224)

€348 (£290)

 Full price one-way:









 Railpass supplement*









 Children under 15**









 Child under 6 without berth:

Child under 6 sharing a berth travels free

Berths are sold individually, so one ticket means one bed.  The other beds in your compartment will be sold to other passengers.

For sole occupancy, simply book 1 ticket in a 1-berth sleeper or 2 tickets in a 2-berth sleeper or 4 tickets in a 4-berth couchette & so on.

* This is the supplement you pay if you have a railpass, a 1st class pass is required for deluxe sleepers.

** Children under 15 travel free if accompanied by a fare-paying adult, but must pay the berth supplement shown here.

Savings fare = advance-purchase fare, price varies, limited availability, no refunds, no changes to travel plans.

Full price = fully flexible, refundable, buy any time.

 3. Munich to Zagreb

 2nd class fares from €39 (£34) each way.

 1st class fares from €69 (£60) each way.

 If you book at, accompanied children under 15 go free.

 Book in advance for these cheap fares, the price varies, limited refunds or changes. 

 You may currently only see full-price fares for the 08:27 from Munich, but cheap fares for the later 12:27.

How to buy tickets online...

The cheapest way to book this journey is online, as there's no booking fees and all the cheap deals are there for you to see.  There are two ways to book it, and I'd suggest trying both as prices vary between the two:

How to buy tickets using +

How to buy tickets using +

This involves two websites, so first do a dry run on both sites to check prices and availability before booking for real.

How to buy tickets by email...

If you'd prefer to have someone book it all for you, just click here and a booking form will appear which lists all the trains you need to book.  Fill it in & email it to  European Rail will make the reservations and call you back to confirm the cost.  If you're okay with the price you can give them your credit card details and they'll send you the tickets.  European Rail is an experienced agency equipped with the German Railways reservation & ticketing system, so they have access to all the cheap fares for travel via Germany.  They charge a £35 booking fee which includes postage to any UK address, or they can send to any address worldwide if you pay the courier fee.  Seat61 gets some commission if you buy tickets using this form.

How to buy tickets by phone...

If you prefer to book by phone, just call Deutsche Bahn's UK office on 08718 80 80 66 (lines open 09:00-20:00 Monday-Friday, 09:00-13:00 Saturday & Sunday, no booking fee, 2% credit card charge but no charge for debit cards), or a booking agency such as European Rail on 020 7619 1083 (lines open 08:30-18:00 Monday-Friday, 09:00-13:00 Saturday, £35 booking fee).

Tailor-made travel & hotel arrangements...

If you want a tailor-made trip with rail travel, hotels & transfers all arranged for you, contact Railbookers.  Just tell them what you want, and they'll advise you on the best trains, routes & hotels and sort it all out.  They get very positive reviews, and look after their customers very well.

  In the UK call 020 3327 0761,

Call toll-free 1-800-408-3280 or

Australia call toll-free 1300 971 526,

  New Zealand call toll-free 0800 002 034 or see website.

What are the trains & scenery like?

By Eurostar from London to Paris:  See the Eurostar page for photos & information.

By City Night Line sleeper train from Paris to Munich...

The Paris-Munich overnight train is one of the German Railway's excellent City Night Line sleeper trains.  Called the Cassiopeia, it has a modern Comfortline sleeping-car (1, 2 & 3-berth deluxe compartments with private shower & toilet, 1, 2 & 3-berth economy compartments with washbasin).  There is a shower at the end of the corridor for passengers in economy sleepers, and all sleepers have powerpoints for laptop computers.  There are also modern air-conditioned couchettes, choose between a berth in a 4 or 6-berth compartment, and ordinary seats (not recommended).  Inclusive fares are charged covering travel plus sleeping accommodation.  The sleeping-car fare includes a light breakfast. Click for more pictures & information about this train

Dinner before you board?  For a good meal in a classic Parisian brasserie before boarding the sleeper train in Paris, why not catch the earlier 14:01 Eurostar from London & dine at the Brasserie Terminus Nord directly across the road from the Gare du Nord.  Alternatively, you can have a meal or beer at the Brasserie Flo at the Gare de l'Est whilst waiting for your sleeper, it's just inside the entrance in what was once the left luggage office.  For a cooked breakfast in Munich or evening meal before boarding the Paris-bound sleeper on your return, try the typically Bavarian Mongdratzerl restaurant, located in the hauptbahnhof itself.

Sleeping-car room - Paris-Munich night train   4-berth couchette compartment on Paris-Munich overnight train   6-berth couchette compartment on Paris-Munich overnight train  

The sleeping-car on the Paris-Munich overnight train boarding at the Gare de l'Est

1, 2 or 3 bed sleeper: The comfort option, economy with washbasin or deluxe with shower & toilet.


4-berth couchettes:  Ideal for families, much more space per person than 6-berth couchettes.


6-berth couchettes:  A very economical option, far better than a seat for just a few euros more...


"Night train to Munich..."  The Comfortline sleeping-car of the Paris to Munich sleeper train boarding at Paris Gare de l'Est...

More pictures & information about this train...

By EuroCity train from Munich to Zagreb...

Now for a real treat.  Sit back with a glass of red, catch up on your reading and enjoy the views...  This is actually two trains, a smart modern Austrian EuroCity train with restaurant car from Munich to Villach on the Austrian/Slovenian border, then an equally smart air-conditioned Slovenian, Croatian and Serbian EuroCity train from Villach to Ljubljana and Zagreb.  After leaving the Munich suburbs the train snakes through pretty Bavarian scenery to Salzburg, past churches and picturesque villages.  Just before arriving at Salzburg, look to your right as you cross the River Salzach for great views of Salzburg citadel.  Soon after Salzburg, the train enters the Austrian Alps proper, climbing through vast mountains.  Look out for the magnificent fortress at Werfen (although the train doesn't call here), perched on its hilltop on the right hand side, guarding the approaches to Salzburg along the Salzachtal valley.  You make a quick change of train across the platform at Villach.  After entering Slovenia, the scenery flattens out, and the train snakes along the pretty river Sava all the way into Ljubljana.  Beyond Ljubljana, the train continues to follow the river Sava, passing through a beautiful river gorge between mountains, a real treat.  Beyond Zidani Most the valley widens into a plain, and you cross the border into Croatia at Dobova and soon arrive in Zagreb's impressive central station, a palace of a building, right in the centre of the city.

Austrian restaurant car between Munich and Villach   Scenery in the Austrian Alps between Munich & Ljubljana

An early lunch in the Austrian restaurant car as the Alpine scenery flies by.  The first stage is on a smart Austrian EuroCity train from Munich to Villach...


Through the Austrian Alps...  Clinging to the mountainside high in the Austrian Alps, the train snakes along between snow-capped mountains, absolutely wonderful...

  2nd class seats on the Munich-Zagreb train

...and along the Sava river in Slovenia.  Now across the border in Slovenia, the EuroCity train runs along the pretty River Sava all the way to Ljubljana and Zagreb...


Comfortable seats:  The 2nd class seats in the Slovenian cars are arranged 2+1 abreast, the same as 1st class!

The EuroCity train 'Sava' from Munich to Ljubljana & Zagreb  

The EuroCity train Sava, arrived at Zagreb.


More scenery along the Sava between Ljubljana & Zagreb.

Option 2:  Morning Eurostar to Paris, TGV to Munich, sleeper train to Zagreb...

London ► Zagreb

Zagreb ► London

How much does it cost?

Each train is ticketed separately, so add up the price for each leg of the journey.

 1. London to Paris

     by Eurostar...

 From £39 one-way, £69 return 2nd class.

 From £107 one-way, £189 return 1st class.  Child, youth, senior fares 


 2. Paris to Munich

      by TGV Duplex...

From £34 one-way, £68 return in 2nd class

From £53 one-way, £106 return in 1st class.

Limited availability, book in advance to get these fares.


 3. Munich to Zagreb

 on the Lisinski...

In a


In a couchette

In the sleeping-car






 Savings fare one-way, from:







 Savings fare return, from:







Savings fare = Advance-purchase fare, price varies, no refunds, no changes to travel plans.

Berths are sold individually, so one ticket means one bed.  The other beds in your compartment will be sold to other passengers.  For sole occupancy, simply book 1 ticket in a 1-berth sleeper or 2 tickets in a 2-berth sleeper or 4 tickets in a 4-berth couchette & so on.

How to buy tickets online (almost)...

How to buy tickets by phone:  0844 248 248 3...

Tailor-made travel & hotel arrangements...

  • If you want a compete tailor-made trip with all your rail travel expertly booked for you and good quality hotels arranged, UK residents can call on 020 3327 0761. 

  • US & Canadian residents can call them toll-free on 1-800-408-3280 or see website.  Australian residents can call their Sydney office toll-free on 1300 971 526 or see  New Zealand residents call toll-free on 0800 002 034 or see website

  • Just tell them what you want, and they'll advise you on the best trains, routes & hotels and sort it all out for you, hassle-free.  They get very positive reviews and take good care of their guests.  Browse suggested holiday itineraries & prices.

What are the trains & scenery like?

London to Paris by Eurostar:  See the Eurostar page

Paris to Munich by double-decker TGV Duplex...  Click for TGV Duplex video guide

Sit back with a glass of red and enjoy the ride - book an upper deck seat for the best views.  The train is equipped with power sockets for laptops & mobiles at all seats in both classes, and a cafe-bar serves drinks, snacks & microwaved hot dishes.  First class passengers on this route are given a simple but tasty meal box with a small bottle of beer or wine served at their seat, included in the fare.  The train soon leaves the Paris suburbs behind and speeds across a vast wide open plateau of woods and farmland at up to 200mph, past picturesque French villages of the Champagne region.  An hour or two later, the train leaves the high-speed line and slowly meanders through pretty wooded hills, the countryside eventually flattening out towards Strasbourg.  On leaving Strasbourg, look out for Strasbourg cathedral on the left with its famously missing second tower.  Minutes afterwards you rumble across the river Rhine into Germany, before heading on to Stuttgart and Munich.

A TGV Duplex to Munich at Paris Gare de 'Est   Upper deck second class on board a TGV Duplex.

TGV Duplex to Munich at Paris Est...  These impressive 200 mph double-deck trains link Paris & Munich, a relaxing journey catching up on your reading over a glass of wine.  And it isn't expensive if you follow the advice on this page!  Watch the TGV Duplex video


The upstairs landing on a TGV Duplex showing the stairs down to the entrance door...

Upper deck second class on board a TGV Duplex.     The bar on the upper deck of a TGV Duplex

2nd class seats on TGV Duplex upper deck.  There's a mix of unidirectional seating and some tables for four like this...


The cafe-bar in a TGV Duplex upper deck in car 4, serving tea, coffee, soft drinks, wine, beer, snacks and microwave-style hot dishes....

First class on board a TGV Duplex   An TGV Duplex to Munich at Paris Est.

1st class seats on the upper deck, with a 'club duo' on the left, a 'club quatre' on the right.


A TGV Duplex.  The red near the door indicates 1st class, pale green indicates 2nd class.

Munich to Zagreb on the sleeper train Lisinski...   Watch the video

This modern sleeper train is a pleasure to travel on, whether in the privacy of your own sleeper or in economical couchettes.  There's time for dinner in Munich before boarding, I recommend the typically Bavarian Mongdratzerl restaurant located inside the Hauptbahnhof, open until late.

The 'Lisinski' sleeper train from Zagreb to Munich, at Zagreb main station   Sleeper compartment in the Croatian sleeping-car from Munich to Zagreb

The sleeping-car on the Lisinski:  The modern air-conditioned Croatian sleeping-car of the Lisinski from Munich to Zagreb has 10 compartments with washbasin, each of which can be used as a 1, 2 or 3 berth room, with toilets at the end of the corridor.  Above left, the sleeper arrived at Zagreb.

4-berth couchettes on Munich to Zagreb train   Couchette car on Munich to Zagreb train, at Munich

The couchette car on the Lisinski has modern air-conditioned 6-berth and 4-berth compartments.  Above right, the train is seen boarding at Munich. See panorama photo.

Scenery between Ljubljana, Zagreb & Belgrade

Wake up to scenery like this between Ljubljana & Zagreb, along the river Sava...

Watch the video...

Note:  The video was taken on the Zurich to Zagreb sleeper, but the sleeper from Munich is identical, and takes the same scenic route between Ljubljana & Zagreb!

Option 3:  By daytime trains, with overnight stop in Munich...

This option takes longer than the others, but is useful if you prefer daytime travel rather than using a sleeper.

London ► Zagreb

Zagreb ► London

Fares & how to buy tickets...

Visiting the city of Zagreb...

Zagreb is a wonderful and much under-rated city.  Small enough to walk around, but with more of a big-city feel than Ljubljana in neighbouring Slovenia.  The station is an impressive landmark in its own right, a palatial building which opens onto a succession of grand park squares, with the main town square (Ban Josip Jelačić) 5-10 minutes walk from the station and the old town two minutes walk behind that.  You'll find tourist information online at, or there's a tourist office on the near right-hand corner of the main city square.  Hotels in Zagreb Map of Zagreb.

Zagreb station    

Zagreb main station:  A palace?  Just Zagreb's main station (Glavni Kolodvor) where you arrive from London.  It opens onto spacious green squares leading to the old town, a 10 min walk.


Stroll or sit in a cafe along the pedestrianised Ivana Tkalčićeva in the old town.


The noon-day gun tower, which you can climb for great views over the city.


Market day in Zagreb's busy main square, Ban Josip Jelačić.


Old town churches, from the gun tower.


Magnolia blossom in the square facing the station.  The best way to arrive in this city really is by train!.

London to Rijeka

London Rijeka

Rijeka ► London

Fares & how to buy tickets

The afternoon train from Ljubljana to Rijeka, about the leave Ljubljana   The afternoon train from Ljubljana to Rijeka, about the leave Ljubljana

The train to Rijeka...  This is the 15:10 to Rijeka, about to leave Ljubljana.  At the front is a modern air-conditioned EuroCity car, the other two cars are older.  On this occasion, it's waited a few minutes for the late-running EuroCity Sava to arrive from Munich, with connections from Paris, Amsterdam & London...

London to Istria

London to Porec, Rovinj, Pula

Istria, land of olive oil, wineries and truffles, was once part of the Venetian empire, and after a spell with the Austro-Hungarians it was again part of Italy between the wars.  Even today, the dual-language place names and road signs reveal it's Italian heritage.  For Istrian tourist information, see  Now part of Croatia, Istria can be reached overland from the UK in a couple of ways.

Option 1:  By train from London to Rijeka, then bus to Porec, Rovinj, Buje, Motovun, Pula... 

This is arguably the most reliable all-year-round way to reach Istria, as daily mainline trains run to Rijeka and Rijeka is a hub for regular buses serving destinations all over Istria.  First, travel from London to Rijeka as shown above.  On arrival in Rijeka, walk out of the station and turn right.  The bus station is 2 minutes walk straight down this main road, you can't miss it.  Every couple of hours, buses link Rijeka with the historic coastal town of Porec, delightful picturesque Rovinj, and the wonderful roman remains in Pula.  The main bus company is, you can easily buy bus tickets when you get to Rijeka.

Option 2:  By train to Venice, then SeaCat fast ferry to Porec, Rovinj or Pula... 

This option operates from April to October, and is a great option as it combines Venice with Istria.  First, travel from London to Venice as shown on the London to Italy page.  You can take an afternoon Eurostar to Paris and the overnight Thello sleeper train to Venice, arriving around 09:35.  Or travel by Eurostar & TGV to Switzerland, stay the night there, then travel through the Alps to Milan and Venice next day.  The choice is yours.  From Venice, two ferry companies, Venezia Lines ( & Commodore Travel ( operate ferries April-October on various days of the week from Venice to Porec, Rovinj (Rovigno in Italian) Umag and Pula (Pola in Italian).  The Venice-Porec ferry crossing only takes 2.5 hours.  Start by checking the days the ferries operate, at &  On days when a 17:00 ferry sails from Venice you can leave London in the afternoon on day 1, spend most of day 2 in Venice, and arrive in Porec or Rovinj in the evening of day 2!

Rovinj, Istria   Church tower, Porec   Roman arch, Pula

Rovinj:  The picturesque seaside town of Rovinj.  The church tower looks very like St Marks in Venice, showing Istria's Venetian history...


Porec:  You can climb the UNESCO-listed church tower in Porec...


Pula:  The Roman arch, Pula.  The famous Irish writer James Joyce taught English in the building on the left 1904-5.

Venezia Lines fast ferry at Rovinj   Bus at Porec bus station link Venice & Istria, April-October.  Why not combine a visit to Venice with Istria?


Buses link Rijeka with most destinations in Istria,

London to Split

London Split

Split London

Fares & how to buy tickets

From Zagreb to Split by air-conditioned ICN train...

Traveller Francis Meylan reports:  "The journey to Split was fascinating and very scenic.  It was a modern diesel train with a free cup of coffee (though no food).  Single track but recently re-engineered and was very smooth despite climbing and very many bends, tunnels, and so forth.  The track went across high embankments and on ledges on valley sides.  It wasn't particularly fast and I can see why.  Every country station had a uniformed station master standing to attention as the train went past!  Many of the country stations were in ruins and there were obvious signs of war damage, walls pock marked with bullet holes.  We could see several minefields marked off.  In Knin the front of the large Austro-Hungarian-style town hall was riddled with bullet holes. Towards Split the landscape is very dry, limestone I think, and very rocky.  If you took the Sleeper would miss all this!

An ICN train to Splt at Zagreb station


1st class seats on the fast tilting ICN train from Zagreb to Split

The daytime trains to Split:  These fast, tilting, air-conditioned ICN trains link Zagreb & Split once or twice a day through great scenery.  Above right, first class seats on the train to Split.  below left, second class seats.

2nd class seats on the tilting ICN train from Zagreb to Split   ICN train to Split at Zagreb station

From Zagreb to Split by overnight sleeper (in summer only)...

3-bed sleeper on the Zagreb-Split overnight train   Refurbished sleeping-car on the Zagreb-Split overnight train

The overnight train to Split:  The overnight train from Zagreb to Split has a smartly refurbished sleeping-car with 1, 2 & 3-bed compartments with washbasin.  Here, the night train to Split waits to leave Zagreb...  This train now runs in summer only.

London to to Ancona in Italy by train, then ferry to Split or Zadar...

Ancona to Split ferries in Split Harbour   Deluxe cabin onm Ancona to Split ferry

Blue Line and Jadrolinija ferries in Split Harbour...  Above right, a deluxe cabin on the Blue Line ferry, which even features an en suite jacuzzi...  Photos courtesy of Andrew Leo.

London to Hvar, Korčula, Vis, Brac

London to Split overland by train, then ferry to Hvar, Korcula, Vis, Brac...

This is the fastest & most frequent option.  Runs daily, all year round.

London to Rijeka overland by train, then coastal ferry to Hvar or Korcula...

This is a very pleasant way to reach Hvar or Korcula.  Runs once or twice a week.

London to Ancona in Italy by train, then ferry to Hvar...

This is perhaps the most civilised option, although not the most frequent.  Runs once or twice a week.

London to Dubrovnik

There is no rail link to Dubrovnik, so you will need to reach it either by bus or ferry.  There are 3 options:

London to Split by train, then bus to Dubrovnik...

This is the fastest & most frequent option. It runs daily, all year round.

London to Italy by train then ferry to Dubrovnik...

This is arguably the most civilised option, running two or three times a week in winter from each port, up to 6 times a week from each port in summer.


The Jadrolinija ferry links Rijeka, Split & Dubrovnik


Adriatic ferry:  The Jadrolinija Ferry Marko Polo links Rijeka, Split & Dubrovnik.  Photo courtesy of John Allen.

London to Rijeka overland by train, then coastal ferry to Dubrovnik...

This is a very pleasant way to reach Hvar, Korcula or Dubrovnik.  Runs once or twice a week.

Rijeka - Split - Dubrovnik:  Croatian coastal ferry service...

Previously operating all year round, this ferry service now only runs June-September, see and look for 'coastal line' to confirm sailing dates & times, although they are only published very close to the actual start of the service each year so don't expect to see them months in advance.  The times below are approximate, as they vary slightly by season.

 Rijeka ► Split Korcula Dubrovnik


 Dubrovnik Korcula Split ► Rijeka

 Runs early June to late September see

 Runs early June to late September, see



 19:00 Monday

19:00 Friday



08:30 Thurs

 08:30 Sun



 07:30 Tues

07:30 Sat



13:00 Thurs

 13:00 Sun

 Stari Grad (Hvar)


 09:45 Tues

09:45 Sat

 Stari Grad (Hvar)


17:00 Thurs

 17:00 Sun



 14:00 Tues

14:00 Sat



19:30 Thurs

 19:30 Sun



 17:30 Tues

17:30 Sat



07:00 Fri    

 07:00 Mon    

Traveller John Allen reports on the coastal ferry:  "The “Marko Polo” [other ships may now be used] runs up and down the Adriatic coast from Rijeka down to Dubrovnik.  It is a tried and trusted ship with a whiff of the “seventies” aboard. Cabins are clean and habitable. The atmosphere on board is good, many families travelling from a variety of countries, Italians, Germans, many Eastern Europeans and a smattering of Brits. The young and Interrailers tend to sleep on deck without cabins. The overnight portion of the journey is from Rijeka to Split and we would recommend getting a cabin for this. During the day leg (Split, Stari Grad, Korcula and Dubrovnik) we would recommend a basic ticket without any cabin. This allows for sunbathing/sightseeing on deck and there is enough space in the restaurant (very good food) or bar for breaks. If sleeping on deck beware that as the ship approaches Split from the South there is a battle to acquire space for the night ahead."

Holidays to Slovenia & Croatia by train


Railbookers custom-made holidays & tours to Slovenia & Croatia by train...

Railbookers can tailor-make a flight-free holiday to Ljubljana & Zagreb, with train travel, transfers & hotels all arranged for you, for however long you like, leaving on any date you like.  If you tell them what you want, they'll advise you on the best trains, routes & hotels and sort it all out for you.  They get a lot of repeat business and a lot of recommendation by word of mouth!

  UK call 020 3327 0761,

Call toll-free 1-800-408-3280 or

Australia call toll-free 1300 971 526,

  New Zealand call toll-free 0800 002 034 or see website.

The European Rail Timetable & maps

Thomas Cook European Timetable -  click to buy onlineTraveller's Railway Map of Europe - buy onlineThe European Rail Timetable (formerly the Thomas Cook European Timetable) has train & ferry times for every country in Europe plus currency & climate information.  It is essential for regular European train travellers and an inspiration for armchair travellers.  Published since 1873, it had just celebrated 140 years of publication when Thomas Cook decided to pull the plug on their entire publishing department, but the dedicated ex-Thomas Cook team have set up a private venture and published the first edition of a reborn European Rail Timetable in March 2014.  You can buy it online with worldwide shipping at www.europeanrailtimetable.euMore information on what the European Rail Timetable contains.

A Traveller's Railway Map of Europe covers the whole of Europe from Portugal in the west to Moscow & Istanbul in the east, Finland in the north to Sicily & Athens in the south.  On the back are detailed maps of Switzerland, Benelux & Germany, plus city plans showing stations in major cities.  Scenic & high-speed routes highlighted.  Click to see sample.  Buy online for €13 + €5.50 postage worldwide at


Recommended guidebooks

Rough Guide Slovenia - click to buy at AmazonLonely Planet Slovenia - click to buy at AmazonLonely Planet Eastern Europe - buy online at AmazonYou should take a good guidebook.  I think that the Lonely Planets and the Rough Guides are easily the best for the independent traveller.  Both guides have plenty of background historical and cultural information, plus lots of practical information.  You won't regret buying one of these guides..!

Click the images to buy at Amazon...

My own book, an essential handbook for train travel to Europe based on this website called "The Man in Seat 61", was published in June 2008, and is available from with shipping worldwide.


Find hotels in Zagreb, Split & Croatia...


◄◄ Hotel search & price comparison. checks all the main hotel booking sites at once to find the widest choice of hotels & the cheapest seller.  It was named as the World's Leading Hotel Comparison Site at the World Travel Awards 2013 and I highly recommend it, both to find hotels in even the smallest places and to check that another retailer isn't selling your hotel for less! is my favourite booking site.  It's really clear and you can usually book with free cancellation and so confirm your accommodation at no risk months before train booking opens.

Other hotel sites worth trying...

Backpacker hostels...

Send your luggage in advance

Ride the trains without heavy luggage... 

Send your suitcase ahead by Luggage Mule from around £30 each way.

Travel insurance & health card...



Columbus direct travel insurance

Get travel insurance, it's essential...

Never travel without insurance from a reliable travel insurer with at least £1m or preferably £5m medical cover.  It should also cover loss of cash (up to a limit) & belongings, and cancellation. An annual multi-trip policy is usually cheapest even for just 2 or 3 trips a year (I have an annual policy myself).  Don't expect travel insurance to bail you out of every missed connection, though, see the advice on missed connections here.  Here are some suggested insurers, Seat61 gets a little commission if you buy through these links, and feedback from using insurance for rail & ferry travel is always welcome.

In the UK, use to compare prices & policy features across major insurance companies.

If you have a pre-existing medical condition or are over 65 (no age limit), see

        If you live in Australia, New Zealand, Ireland or the EU, try Columbus Direct's other websites.

  If you live in the USA try Travel Guard USA.

Get an EU health card, it's free...

If you're a UK citizen travelling in Europe, you should apply for a free European Health Insurance Card, which entitles you to free or reduced rate health care if you become ill or get injured in many European countries, under a reciprocal arrangement with the NHS.  This replaced the old E111 forms as from January 2006.  The EHIC card is available from  It doesn't remove the need for travel insurance, though.

Get a spare credit card, designed for foreign travel with no currency exchange loading & low/no ATM fees

Taking out an extra credit card costs nothing, but if you keep it in a different part of your luggage you won't be left stranded if your wallet gets stolen.  In addition, some credit cards are better for overseas travel than others.  Martin Lewis's explains which UK credit cards have the lowest currency exchange commission loadings when you buy something overseas, and the lowest cash withdrawal fees when you use an ATM abroad.

You can avoid ATM charges and expensive exchange rates with a Caxton FX euro currency Visa Card, or their multi-currency 'Global Traveller' Visa Card, see for info.

Get an international SIM card to save on calls & mobile data...

Mobile phones can cost a fortune to use abroad, so consider getting a global pre-paid SIM card for your mobile phone which can cut call & data costs by up to 90%.  At the time of writing, claims a definite 25% saving within the EU and up to 90% saving in the rest of the world.  Incoming calls are free in 73 countries, including all of the EU, the USA, Australia & South Africa.  There's no contract or commitment, and at time I write this Roamsure is offering a global SIM card for free when you buy £20 of call credit.  Seat61 gets some commission to support the site if you buy airtime from Roamsure.


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