Brussels or Amsterdam to Vienna by train:  The Cologne-Vienna EuroNight sleeper train at Cologne

All aboard for Vienna!  The sleeper train to Austria about to leave Cologne.  You can travel from London, Brussels or Amsterdam to Vienna using this train...

The author, travelling from Vienna to London in a 1-bed sleeper on this train.  Rest assured that a glass of wine is sitting on the washbasin top.


The Cologne to Vienna sleeper train is one of Austrian Railways' (ÖBB) Nightjet trains, formerly classified EuroNight (EN).  You can use it to travel from London, Brussels or Amsterdam to Vienna without flying, simply by taking a connecting train to Cologne, it's a safe and comfortable flight-free way to reach Austria!  Similar Austrian Nightjet trains link Vienna with Venice, Hamburg & Rome.  For travel between London & Vienna, see the London to Austria page.

Amsterdam, Brussels, Cologne Vienna

Vienna Cologne, Brussels, Amsterdam

Click to buy tickets to Vienna from €39

Book from Cologne to Vienna at either or with fares starting at just €39 with a seat, €59 with a couchette or €99 with a bed in a 2-bed sleeper.  Then buy separate tickets from Amsterdam to Cologne at or Brussels to Cologne at, from €19.

Which type of accommodation to choose?   Watch the video

The train has 3 types of accommodation:  The sleeping-car (schlafwagen) is the most civilised, comfortable & romantic way to travel, either in a very compact standard sleeper with washbasin, or a deluxe sleeper with shower & toiletCouchettes are the economy option, padded bunks with rug & pillow in shared 6-berth or 4-berth compartments.  The train also has ordinary seats in 6-seat compartments, but a couchette or sleeper is recommended as there's neither comfort nor security in a sit-up-all-night seat.  Read these travel tips.

Standard sleeper:  1 or 2 berth with washbasin...

The sleeping-car used on this train has 11 very narrow compartments, each of which can be used as 2-berth or single-berth with washbasin.

Standard sleeper, 2-berth, on Cologne to Vienna EuroNight train   Standard sleeper, single-berth   Standard sleeper in daytime mode with sofa folded out

Standard sleeper, set up as a 2-berth compartment.


Standard sleeper, set up as a single-berth.


Standard sleeper in daytime mode, beds folded away.

Deluxe sleeper:  1, 2 or 3 berth with shower & toilet...

The sleeping-car also has two deluxe compartments with shower & toilet.  They are popular, so you're less likely to find cheap fares for the deluxe sleepers.

Deluxe sleeper, day   Deluxe sleeper, night   Deluxe sleeper shower & toilet

Deluxe sleeper in seats mode.  Each deluxe room can be used as either a 1, 2 or 3 berth room.  See panorama photos.


Deluxe sleeper with the beds folded out. There are two deluxe compartments in the sleeping-car.


Deluxe sleepers have an en suite toilet and shower.  There are two deluxe compartments in the sleeping-car.

Travelling by sleeper...


Breakfast:  All sleeper & couchette passengers get a complimentary light breakfast with tea or coffee.  In sleepers when you board, you'll be asked to choose which 6 items you want for breakfast from a list.

4-berth & 6-berth couchettes...

Couchettes are basic, inexpensive sleeping accommodation, ideal for families or economy travel.  And on Austrian Nightjet trains couchette passengers get a light breakfast with tea or coffee included in the fare.  6-berth couchettes have six padded bunks per compartment (upper, middle & lower each side of the compartment), 4-berth couchettes have four bunks (upper and lower each side).  A pillow, sheet and blanket are supplied, and each berth has its own reading light.  Washrooms & toilets are available at the end of the corridor.  The extra space and privacy in a 4-berth is well worth the extra cost over travelling in a 6-berth.  By day, a couchette compartment is an ordinary seating compartment, with two bench seats facing each other.  At night, the attendant converts the compartment into a sleeping berths by folding bunks out from the wall.  The sexes aren't normally segregated in couchettes as you don't normally fully undress, but women travelling alone can book a berth in a ladies-only compartment if they like.  All couchette compartments have a normal lock and a security lock on the door which cannot be opened from outside, even with a staff key, so you'll be safe and snug.  There's plenty of space for luggage under the bottom bunks, on the racks and in the big recess above the door which projects out over the corridor ceiling.  There is no restaurant or buffet car, but the couchette attendant may be able to sell you tea, coffee, wine, beer & soft drinks.  The attendant will take your passport & ticket so you are not disturbed during the night, and will return them next morning.  Check out these travel tips.

The EuroNight train to Cologne about to leave Vienna Westbahnhof   4-berth couchette compartment from Cologne to Vienna   6-berth couchette compartment from Koln to Wien

A couchette car on the Vienna to Cologne Nightjet train, at Vienna.


4-berth couchettes...


6-berth couchettes...

How to buy tickets...

Travel tips...

Loreley Rock, Rhine Valley   View from the top of Cologne cathedral tower.  
The legendary Lorelei Rock on the Rhine Valley, seen from the train...   The view from the top of Cologne cathedral's south tower.   Cologne cathedral...

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